CRS-TF515 Tracked Combi Screen can be utilsed to feed our CRS 021 Mobile Picking Station. This creates a fully integrated mobile recycling facility. Both machines beng fully electric aswell as diesel electric.

Integrating the CRS picking station and CRS Tracked Combi Screen produces products from -10 fines right up to clean hard core of the end of our CRS 021 picking line. Giving up to 45 tonne per hour.

Our picking stations are designed so they can run in tandem with each other creating multiple picking bays.

Set Up Times

  • Mobile Picking Station set up in approximately 8 minutes
  • CRS TF515 Tracked Combi Screen set up in approximately 9 minutes
  • Total Set up time is 17 minutes

CRS 021 Mobile Picking Station

CRS 021 Mobile Picking Station can offer customer’s high throughput offering over 8 recyclable products with its heavy duty feed Hooper. The Picking Station can be easily manoeuvred on site and set up is quick and safe using 2no separately controlled, hydraulic jacking legs, and the remote control element allows the operator to keep a safe distance during the set up procedure


CRS TF515 Tracked Combi Screen

CRS TF515 combines our award winning flip flow screening technology and conventional scalping screen to produce a single machine that does the work of two.

The CRS TF515 results in substantial savings for the customer in terms of capital outlay, running and service costs as this is an electric hybrid machine. The CRS TF515 also requires a minimal footprint for operation making it suitable for the typical confined sites in towns and cities.