crsniCRS design, manufacture and install Static Trommel Fines Recovery Plants separating paper and plastics from aggregate and fine materials. CRS Trommel Fines drastically reduces landfill costs by segregating the fines from papers and plastics as well as extracting the aggregates.

Fines Recovery Systems – Features & Benefits

  • 1.8m screen width x 6.0m screen length
  • Air separation unit separates the light and heavy fractions
  • Unique Patented direct drive system driving both decks ensuring maximum agitation
  • Self cleaning screens as apertures in the unit vibrate and stretch slightly resulting in clean screens and products
  • High screening efficiency
Fines Recovery Systems

Fines Recovery Systems – Options

  • Fines discharge conveyor
  • Concrete or Steel Bay Walls
We are very happy with the build quality of the CRS Recycling Plant and the Fines Clean Up System is extremely effective. We are recycling more products and recovering a 10-50mm aggregate, that we reuse in-house, and reclaiming a lot of metals that were previously going to landfill.
Allan Brown, General Manager Malcolm Construction Services
Fines Recovery Systems