Malcolm Construction Services, a sub-division of the Malcolm Group, had two separate requirements for this project.

Firstly, due to ever increasing tonnages, coupled by the company’s stringent aim to divert as much material from landfill as possible, the company identified that they needed to replace their current Recycling System that they had at their South Street Recycling Centre for the past 11 years. The new system was to be able to handle in excess of 1500 tons per week and more recyclables were to be removed from the C&D waste stream. In addition, due to the stringent LOI protocol for the treatment of ‘trommel fines,’ the company wanted to install a separate Fines Clean Up System.

C&I & C&D Waste Sorting & Fines Processing

CRS NI’s solution was to install a Recycling System, capable of both manual and automated material extraction, as well as the increasingly popular CRS Kinetic Flip Flow System. The CRS Recycling System comprises of a 1.2m wide hopper and integrated 8m x 2m Trommel, removing minus 50mm ‘fines.’ Oversize material then enters into a 4.6m wide, 6 bay double sided picking station with extended bays. Each bay has a volume of 85.12m3. Materials picked are wood, plastics, plasterboard, general waste, large metals and paper & cardboard. The picking station, which is covered by a fully enclosed cabin for operator safety and comfort, is equipped with 6 external drop chutes for removal of sporadic material, such as electrical cables, non ferrous metals etc. Non picked material travels under an Overband Magnet, where sub 200mm ferrous metals are removed, before a blower removes any final waste from the rubble which drops into the last bay as clean hardcore. The CRS Kinetic Flip Flow System consists of a hopper with integrated auger to agitate, spread and regulate the feed of the material. Material then travels up an incline belt and ferrous metals are removed via a Twin Pole Overband Magnet. Material enters onto a patented 6m x 1.8m CRS Kinetic Flip Flow Screen. Minus 10mm is removed as inert and the 10mm to 50mm material remaining is separated by an integrated CRS Air Drum Separator by heavies (hardcore) and lights (RDF material).


Fines Recovery Systems

Commenting on the new installation, Allan Brown, General Manager of Malcolm Construction Services stated: “Matpro Machinery were a great choice to partner with as they exercised a ‘hands on approach’ and ensured they offered us a plant that was tailor made to suit our needs.” He continued: “We are very happy with the build quality of the CRS Recycling Plant and the Fines Clean Up System is extremely effective. We are recycling more products and recovering a 10-50mm aggregate, that we reuse in-house, and reclaiming a lot of metals that were previously going to landfill.” CRSNI’s representatives for Scotland, Matpro Machinery are based in Glasgow. They supply material processing solutions to customers in the Recycling, Quarrying and Material Handling Industries within Scotland, England and Ireland.

CRS NI Ltd design, manufacture and install high quality solutions for the recycling industry. These solutions range from full turn- key plants to stand alone units integrating into existing facilities.

Video of Complete Turnkey Waste Solutions including Trommel Fines Clean Up at Malcolm Construction Services, Glasgow