CRS Mobile Picking Station

Mobile Picking Station – CRS-021, is the latest offering in the CRSNI Range of Mobile Recycling Equipment. Design and manufactured in-house at the CRSNI headquarters, in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, the CRS-021 is the best in market. Since its first launch, the machine has been steadily improving and now CRSNI have an extremely robust and heavily enhanced machine capable of separating up to 8 recyclable products.

Mobile Picking Station – the CRS-021

The machine’s typical use is in Building & Construction sites to retrieve valuable products, reducing what goes to the skip. It is ideally placed to perform in towns and cities, with the ease at which it can be manoeuvred, along with quick set-up time of approximately 8 minutes. On site set up is quick and safe using 6 separately controlled, hydraulic jacking legs, with the remote control element allowing the operator to keep a safe distance during the set up procedure.

The new 4 Bay Mobile Picking Station has been modified to include additional features, boosting its health & safety, productivity and increased user capacity. The Mobile Picking Station includes an enclosed weather proof picking area which is complete with lighting, windows, heating and electric. The new features allow for workers to be working within safe conditions, providing protection from weather elements and removing the risk of working at a height.

CRS Mobile Picking Station, close view
CRS Mobile Picking Station - Side View
CRS Mobile Picking Station

Mobile Picking Station – Features & Benefits

  • High throughput offering 8 separate picks
  • Belt width from 48″ (1200mm)
  • Quick set up time
  • Can be fed by any Screener or Trommel
  • Heavy duty feed hopper with impact bars
  • Enclosed air conditioned, weather proof picking area complete with lighting, heating and electric
  • Ergonomically designed drop boxes for ease of use
  • Easily manoeuvred from site to site
  • Double sided walkways for ease of access
  • Variable speed control for picking belt
  • Economical quiet power unit
  • 40yd skip access under picking station
  • 5th wheel hook up
  • Plug-in Hybrid
    • Diesel Electric
    • Mains Power


  • Standard 4 Bay Magnet
  • 4 Bay with Magnet
  • 4 Bay with Magnet & Blower
  • Short Feed Conveyor to achieve a larger stockpile or connect to another line
  • Emergency Doors fitted at front of Cabin
  • PVC Windows or Tinted Plain Windows
  • Rubber Grip Mat on Cabin floor

The latest Mobile Picking Station from CRSNI

Fully Functioning Mobile Recycling Facility

The CRSNI Mobile Picking Station can be fed by any Screener or Trommel, but has been designed to work in tandem with the CRS-038 Mobile Tracked Screen.

The CRS-038 Mobile Tracked Screen, the next evolution in CRS Mobile Screening Plant, combines our state of the art flip flow screening technology and conventional scalping screen to produce a single machine that does the work of two.

The Mobile Tracked Screen can perform the processing and separation tasks that previously would have required two separate machines. The CRS-038 Mobile Fines results in substantial savings for the customer in terms or capital outlay, running and service costs. It also requires a minimal footprint for operation making it suitable for the typical confined sites in towns and cities.

Image Gallery for our Mobile Picking Station

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