CRS have recently designed and installed an RDF Processing Refinement Plant for Fletchers Waste Management in Sheffield, UK. The project involved an initial consultation on identifying any challenges and requirements that Fletchers had to ensure any deliverables met the company needs.

We put in place a Loading Hopper with a Conveyor System and a Single Bay Pre-Picking Unit. The Conveyors incorporated two Overband Magnets at various points to extract out all metals. The use of a Double Deck Flip Flow Screen and two Air Separating Units enabled lights to be separated from heavies. The results ensured complete extraction and separation, delivering fully recyclable and reusable materials.

The purpose of their investment in new plant was to refine and improve their RDF product. This involved removing a hardcore stone and fines out of it, that was hidden, adding to the tonnage and cost for Fletchers.

By reducing their RDF tonnage through recovering the hardcore, the RDF cost savings were a no-brainer and would effectively pay for the plant in under 2 years. The hardcore and fines were a usable product and the recovery of metals were an added bonus.

Fletchers have provided feedback to us here at CRS on the RDF Processing Refinement Plant and our working relationship with them:


Why did you choose to work with CRS?

We decided to choose CRS for our RDF Processing Refinement Plant, as we wanted to deal with the individuals in the business that understood exactly what our objectives were, what our desired outcome was and had seen these issues before. CRS had the exact expertise and knowledge that we were looking for. The commercial approach which CRS adopts and their quick response time were also extremely important to our company.


What was the challenge before the new RDF Processing Refinement Plant?

CRS provided our company with a demonstration on our site with their newest product CRS TF515 Mobile Tracked Screener. When this demonstration took place, we tried RDF in the CRS machine which removed a hardcore stone and fines which we were unaware was there. It was concluded, by reducing the RDF tonnage through recovering the small hardcore the RDF cost savings were a no brainer and could effectively pay for the plant within 2 years. The hardcover and fines removed were a usual product and the recovery of metals were an added bonus.

Our challenge before the installation was to remove the small hardcore fraction from our shredded waste in a cost effective way that didn’t rely on our company having to increase labour to add to the problem. Essentially our main outcome from installing a transfer station was to automate the process. We also wanted a solution that was electric powered rather than fuel powered, which CRS were able to offer to us.


What has the new RDF Processing Refinement Plant helped to do?

The new RDF Processing Refinement plant has allowed us to solve the challenges which we had previously experienced. The plant has allowed our company to recover the small hardcore stone and fines from our shredded waste in a cost effective way.  Investing in a CRS plant has enabled our company to reduce our annual tipping costs by approximately 300k. Overall this investment has been extremely cost effective and successful for our company.


How would you describe the overall plant quality and performance?

The RDF Processing Refinement Plant quality and performance has been exactly as CRS advertised. Any changes or tweaks which were needed were no problem to CRS. They were very easy to deal with and nothing was a hassle to them.


Fraser Lythgoe, Operations Director at Fletchers speaks on why they chose CRS for their installation.


“The whole procedure from installation to the machine going live was very efficient. We did it in less time than we expected and the downtime in the yard was incredible. We have then gone on and just purchased the final ASU for the machine which is working very efficiently for us at the moment, making us massive savings, and we’re able to still segregate the wood and the hard plastics and the aggregates from any shred that is going through the system. We’ve got various magnets on there and even a picking shed to pull out any oversized materials and we are very happy with the product so far.”

Fraser Lythgoe, Operations Director at Fletchers Waste Management

Thanks to Recycling and Quarrying Machinery for conducting this interview for us.


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